Breast Forms


Silicone Breast Forms

Silicone breast forms or symmetry shapers restore your silhouette, so you can feel well and confident for your life beyond surgery.  Appropriate 6+ weeks after surgery

Leisure Breast Forms

Foam leisure forms give you symmetry right from the beginning for security and confidence.  Appropriate for 0-6 weeks after surgery

Adjustable Breast Forms

Adjustable breast forms protect sensitive skin during the expansion process while evening out your silhouette

Partial Breast Forms

Symmetry shapers that help balance any unevenness are perfect for replacing breast tissue after a lumpectomy or anytime additional symmetry is needed

Specialty Breast Forms

Specialty forms designed to use while swimming or during intense exercise.  Made with transparent silicone, the forms are chlorine and saltwater resistant and ideal for women who swim regularly or want the security of a specially designed swimform.